Auto Shop Management Software Increases Accuracy

How many times have shop owners wrinkled their brows after being handed a hard-to-read inspection report detailing recommended work?

Chicken scratch and oil smudges make repair orders and estimates unreadable more often than some might like to recall. Instead of wasting time having a tech try to decipher what was written, shop advisers are overwhelmingly seeking other options.

The answer for a growing number of the nation’s 275,000 independent auto repair shops is wireless vehicle maintenance software. The automotive software solution, an ever-evolving technology used by thousands of auto repair shops, increases accuracy and eliminates the need for handwritten reports. Digitized versions powered on tablet and mobile devices make it possible for techs to carry out digital multi-point inspections with a few taps and clicks, instead of hurriedly writing out inspections and recommendations while other customers wait.

Unlike traditional customer interactions at the counter of an auto repair shop, techs empowered with mobile technology are able to begin work orders at the customer’s vehicle, which helps to save time in addition to increasing efficiency and ensuring more accurate information collection.

The ease of performing inspections, estimates and repair orders efficiently and accurately is important now more than ever. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were nearly 204 million registered vehicles in 2000. A decade later, that number climbed to nearly 250 million and continues to grow.

A higher number of cars on the road means more vehicles moving in and out of service bays, further warranting the need for quick, yet accurate repairs. Automotive software solutions deliver that.

With the press of a few buttons, techs can suggest which repairs should be carried out now, or in the near future. The technology alerts returning customers to pending work from a previous appointment and serves as a reminder, particularly for those who frequently miss necessary service recommendations.

Unlike the traditional handwritten approach to vehicle inspections, techs can now provide a digital estimate and/or a multi-point inspection that can be texted or emailed to customers.

Wireless shop management software enables vehicle identification number (VIN) scanning, which ensures that techs will not copy down an incorrect number. It also enables license decoding to research a vehicle’s history – right from their fingertips.

Perhaps most beneficial of all is the mobile technology’s integration with shop management software, which eliminates the need for double entries. The reports and repair orders that techs generate on their tablets or mobile devices automatically sync with automotive software and are entered into the system.

What other benefits are possible through automotive software solutions? Subsequent topics, including how the tools can increase productivity, lead to greater efficiency and boost profits, will be addressed in future articles.

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